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Contact: Dr. Patrick Meier (pmeier (at) qf (dot) org (dot) qa)
This dashboard and its corresponding widgets are developed at QCRI by Dr. Sofiane Abbar from Social Computing group
and Dr. Walid Magdy from Arabic Language Technologies group.

Timeline #1: Frequency of Positive and Negative Tweets Related to #COP18

This timeline represents the number of positive and negative tweets posted every hour. This provides interesting insights on social media activity with respect to the UN Climate Change Conference hosted in Doha, Qatar. To render this timeline, QCRI's Live #COP18 Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tool does the following:
  • Retrieves all tweets containing the #COP18 hashtag.
  • Applies an adapted version of SentiStrengh tool to compute the sentiment of each tweet. Sentiment scores that are positive express a positive opinion; negative scores reflect a negative opinion.
  • Counts the number of positive and negative tweets and displays the results using Google Chart Tool on an hourly basis.

Timeline #2: Average Sentiment Over Time

This timeline monitors changes in sentiment expressed in tweets containing the #COP18. The graph draws on the same data as the first timeline but assigns every tweet a sentiment score that ranges from -1 to +1. A score of -1 represents a strongly negative opinion while +1 reflects a strongly positive opinion. Scores around 0 denote a neutral opinion (or facts). Sentiment scores in this second timeline are obtained by averaging the scores of all tweets posted within a one hour window.